Smart Nanomedicines for Overcoming Biological Barriers and Improving Delivery Efficiency

Smart nanomedicines for overcoming biological barriers and improving delivery efficiency

The nanomedicine that integrates nanotechnology with chemistry and medicine has emerged as a new scientific area and received tremendous attention. In recent years, the delivery of nanomedicines to the targeted region in vivo has been the focus of intense research. However, a series of biological barriers in blood circulation/extravasation, tissue accumulation/penetration, cellular internalization/efflux, and lysosome escape encountered by nanomedicines after systemic administration greatly limit their delivery efficiency and theranostic efficacy. Remarkably, some new delivery mechanisms are discovered and explored, such as active transcytosis and live cell migration, which requires us to revisit the strategies for overcoming biological barriers and enhancing disease theranostics. Therefore, the development of novel strategies (e.g., stimuli-responsive charge conversion and size transformation, biomimetic and living cell systems, as well as exogenous assistance technologies) to address the delivery dilemma for precise and efficient targeted delivery of nanomedicines is one of the hot topics of nanobiotechnology and biomedicine. Moreover, these strategies can also offer interesting pharmacological, physical, and biological solutions for promoted disease theranostics and clinical translation.This special issue will address advanced design and new developments of smart nanomedicines for overcoming biological barriers and improving delivery efficiency.

Guest editors:

Prof. Andrij Pich - DWI Leibniz-Institute for Interactive Materials, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany.

Prof. Xiangyang Shi - Donghua University, Shanghai, China. Prof. Yong Hu - Tongji University, Shanghai City, China.

Dr. Xin Li - RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany.

Manuscript submission information:

Submission Deadline: 31st March 2024.

The journal’s submission platform (Editorial Manager®) is now available for receiving submissions to this Special Issue. Please refer to the Guide for Authors to prepare your manuscript, and select the article type of “VSI:Smart nanomedicines” when submitting your manuscript online. Both the Guide for Authors and the submission portal could be found on the Journal Homepage here:


Smart and bioactive nanoparticles; Emerging nanomedicines; Multidrug resistance reversal nanosystems; Immunomodulatory nanosystems; Biomimetic nanocarriers; Cell-mediated nanomedicine delivery and release;Endogenous/exogenous-responsive behaviors;

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