Call for Papers on Nano-Drug Delivery System, Carbon Dots and DNA Biosensors

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Release Date: 2021-05-28 Visited: 

Dear Professor,

I am Dr. Langchong He, the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis (JPA). JPA is indexed by PubMed Central, Science Citation Index-Expanded (SCIE), etc., with the impact factor of 2.673 (2019). I sincerely invite you to contribute a paper regarding the following topics to our journal.

Nano-Drug Delivery System (NDDS):

1.Recent developments of NDDS.

2.Mechanisms of NDDS.

3.Characterization and biology of NDDS.

4.Multifunctional nanoplatforms designed for cancer therapy.

5.Applications of NDDS in novel treatment of tumor, e.g., charge-reversal NDDS.

Carbon Dots (CDs):

1.Recent developments of CDs.

2.The synthesis of CDs.

3.Mechanism of the photoluminescence of fluorescent CDs.

4.Analytical performance of CDs in the detection of biological compounds, drugs, heavy metals and poisonous reactants.

5.Applications of carbon-based quantum dots in electrochemical sensors.

6.Applications of CDs in live cell imaging and catalysis.

7.Applications of CDs in pharmaceutical science for sustained and targeted drug delivery systems, theranostic study, etc.

DNA Biosensor:

1.Recent developments of DNA biosensors.

2.Features (sensitivity, selectivity, stability, reproducibility, etc.) of DNA biosensors.

3.Static and dynamic DNA nanostructures.

4.Constructions and applications of novel electrochemical DNA biosensors for the determination of pharmaceuticals.

5.Analytical methods to control the assay performance and the stability of DNA biosensors.

If you are willing to accept this invitation, you may upload your manuscript in our system at For your convenience, detailed information about Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis, as well as Guide for Authors, are available online at I sincerely hope you may consider our journal as a potential outlet for sharing your research with readers worldwide.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further concerns or inquiries.

Thanks a lot for your kind support and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Prof. Langchong He, Editor-in-Chief 

Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis


Tel: +86-029-82655433

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Release Date: 2021-05-28 Visited: